Make any Android device 

the perfect business tool

Remotely delete business apps

Admins can decide to make an app mandatory for employees. From the dashboard, admins simply select the mandatory installation policy.

Once the app is published, all employees will automatically have the app available on their device

The Appaloosa app from the Google Play Store will create a dedicated work profile for business use that will never mix with their personal files.

While IT can fully control corporate apps & data, they can’t erase personal data such photos or emails or data.

Control business apps on employees' device

Work On, Work Off

Admin can change users target groups of one or all business apps directly from the Appaloosa dashboard.

Instantly, business app(s) will disappear from devices of users who got pulled out from the app(s) target group.

Once the Work Profile is installed on the employee's device, the employee can toggle Work On and Off.

When Work is Off, work related apps won't receive any notifications or do anything in the background. When the employee is back at work, simply toggle on Work again.

Push apps silently to any device

Easily deploy your mobile apps to your employees.

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